Monday, 21 November 2011

Barry M Nail Paint, £2.99

Barry M Nail Paint, Raspberry
With the festive season fast approaching, purchasing Barry M Nail Paint - Raspberry (273) - seemed the perfect solution to get myself in the Christmas spirit.

The deep red glistened, as I scanned the rainbow of colours on the shelf, yelling out for me to buy it.
Freshly painted nails
As soon as I came home: off went the dull, chipped, old nail varnish and on went my shiny, glamorous, new shade.
After just one coat, my nails looked luscious.
Unlike previous products I've dressed my nails in, this one actually looked exactly like the colour of the bottle - a common crisis I face when I attempt to match my nails to that special party frock.
Not only did my fingertips look beautiful but Barry M lived up to their ‘quick-drying’ promise. Within minutes, my nails were dry and I was able to get on with my life.

Perfect colour: tick.
Smooth, shiny final look: tick.
Quick-drying: tick.
But long-lasting? think again.

Nails after four days
Unless you call four days long-lasting. But, if like me you long for a nail varnish that can last more than four showers, two doses of washing up and take a week of student life, this won't live up to expectations.
It is probably my index fingers that have suffered the most but that’s the case with most nail colours right?
Although I was going to experiment for a whole week, I just don’t think I can handle my chipped tips for much longer.
It’s coming off but it was princess perfect while it lasted.

Barry M Nail Paint, Raspberry
I would definitely recommend the polish for a girly night out, a romantic date or even if you just want to get in the mood as you wait for Santa to arrive.

With the price at just £2.99 it is a brilliant stocking filler or just a little something to treat yourself.
The only thing that lets Barry M’s Nail Paint down is the wear and tear.
As the website recommends, maybe I should use their base-coat before applying next time.
Overall rating: 3.5/5


Until next time, happy pampering.

Note: This has been written for entertainment purposes only. This is all my own opinion, I am basing it on my own individual experiences. 

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