Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Too Faced Double Lip Injection Plumper, £22

Too Faced Double Lip
Injection Plumper
'Too Faced Double Lip Injection Plumper' is like Marmite – you either love it, or you hate it.

I for one absolutely love it!
It’s like Botox but without the painful injection and reoccurring costs.
Oh and it’s not permanent, so you can choose when you want to wear it.
The lip injecting gloss has two ends: one gives the pout up to an extra 20% plump and the other smoothes and repairs any cracks.*
Lips Before
Everything needed to make your lips extremely luscious.
But like everything these days: no pain, no gain.
Well, I wouldn’t say painful exactly. It just tingles. A lot. For about two minutes. Some like it, some don’t.
It’s like plucking your eye brows. I actually like that pain. It’s not like a painful pain but more an irritating pain which lasts for minimal time and you know that you’re going to look amazing when it’s done.

Lips After

The pink end - lip plumper – not only gives your smile volume but also adds colour. In fact, my pout looks so glossy, healthy and pumped after using this, I don’t need to use anything else. The idea is it stimulates the blood to the surface, making them bigger and brighter.
The faint shimmer of glitter gives you that extra sparkle and shine as well.
Totally Kissable!
And let me tell you ladies, your lips look deliciously kissable, believe me!
You can use the other end 24/7, when you’re awake or just before you sleep. The repairing serum really does smoothen out those cracks in your dry lips – something we all suffer with this time of year. Apparently it offers long-term effects, proven by scientific research!* It must be good eh!
Not heard of the brand: ‘Too Faced’ before? Join the many other cosmetic lovers who have only just been introduced this beautiful selection of beauty products.
If you love brands like Benefit then you are sure to love Too Faced.
Unfortunately, it does match their price range.
But at £22, I think that Too Faced has proven, yet again, to invest is best.
You don’t need to carry anything else for your lips other than this double-ended gloss plus it seems to last a long time. I’ve already had mine two months and it barely looks touched.
The tingling sensation that hits when the gloss initially hits the lips is the only thing that could turn customers of the plumper.

Too Faced Double Lip
Injection Plumper

90% of the girls who've borrowed mine love it. The other 10%, along with my boyfriend - who I forced to test my new buy - weren't the biggest fans. I suppose you can't please everyone ey!

Overall rating: 4/5
Until next time, happy pampering.

Note: This has been written for entertainment purposes only. This is all my own opinion, I am basing it on my own individual experiences. 

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