Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Acrylic or Au Naturale?

Ready for NYE: Me and Galpal, Kirsty
New Year's Eve - new dress, new accessorise, new hair...

How about new nails?

I'd been growing my nails for nearly three months and they were either breaking or err... I was biting them back down.

God forbid, I was to have NYE photos showing off my 'beautiful' chewed down nails! So off I set - spare of the moment decision - to the manicurist in town.

Last time I got acrylics I swore I would never do it to my natural tips again. So why on earth did I chose to go there again? 
My New Tips
It's not like the movies you know: you go into the nails bar, get a cocktail, get pampered for an hour, chat to the manicurists like they're your best friend and come out thinking you have the most fabulous fingers ever.

I was plonked on a stool and it began.
My hand was grabbed, my fingers were pulled and my nails filed down aggressively - not to mention the constant 'relax your hand, relax your hand', I was receiving from my 'new best friend' doing my nails.

And now they use an electric file? I flinched so much when it caught my skin, I'm can't believe it didn't draw blood.

After my nails were filed down so there was no white left and thinned so much it hurt when you touched them, the acrylics were put on.

No effort was put into this at all - the tips were actually cut wonky before I pointed it out to the 'lovely' man who was applying my tips. 
My New Tips
Although they said to me they had glitter, they failed to point out it was silver and not gold. Like me, you might spot the huge difference between the two, especially when all of my accessorise were gold! But, oh well, I love glitter, so I wasn't complaining too much.
 After what I'd say, was about 15 minutes, my nails were done.
My New Tips
Granted, they looked nice but still, being me, I could spot the imperfections if I looked closely enough.

Definitely not worth the £30 I paid for the 'extra-long lasting' new acrylics.

A week later and they were off. They began to hurt me and the sharp corners were getting in the way. So, after one fell off naturally, the others were picked off one by one - which might I add, felt like my nails were being ripped off my fingers.

My poor nails have been left thin and damaged, I'm not happy!

You can take my written word for it, I will definitely not be getting acrylics ever again. It could have been the dreadful place I got them done but, in my opinion, they are not worth the money.

They might look pretty but so do my home-grown nails, painted my favourite colour, with gold sparkle on top!

Real nails 1, Acrylics 0.

Au naturale all the way baby!

Until next time, happy pampering.

Note: This has been written for entertainment purposes only. This is all my own opinion, I am basing it on my own individual experiences. 

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