Tuesday, 7 February 2012

'Long lasting' nail polish...pfft!

"Pleeeeease find me a nail polish that doesn't chip"

When I found this comment on my Facebook from galpal Vicky, I knew she needed my help. And only one thing came to mind - experiment!
So, I did just that.
Out came my nail varnish bag and from there came five different nail varnishes.

Left hand, with base coat
As Valentine's Day is looming, I thought it only appropriate to paint my nails with a variety or pink shades and, me being me, I had plenty to choose from. Furthermore, I decided to see whether having a protecting undercoat actually does keep the polish on for longer. Why not eh, may as well kill two birds with one stone.
Right hand - Protecting undercoat
Left hand - No protecting undercoat

I made sure that each product I chose was both well known and affordable.

Right hand, without base coat
The order goes as follows (from thumb to baby finger): 1. (Thumb) Rimmel PRO, 'keep colour fresh and vibrant for up to 10 days'
2. 17, 'Lasting Fix'
3. Miss Sporty, '1 minute quick dry'
4. Barry M Nail Paint, 'long lasting'
5. (Baby finger) Rimmel, '60 Seconds Quick Dry'

17, chipped after one day

Ok, so fair enough not all of them promote themselves as 'long lasting', but it's kind of an unwritten rule that nail varnishes should last long enough to show them off.

17 'Lasting Fix' was first to go. And when I say first to go, I mean literally. My paint on my tips had already started chipping the next day. After speaking to my friends, it seems that 17 doesn't have that many fans anyway and I can see why.
My two forefingers looked horrible - especially next to the other nicely painted nails.
And, I don't know about you but, I really don't like wearing chipped polish but, for the sake of the experiment I was determined to leave it a week.
Yes yes, I know it is common for nail varnish on that finger to always come off first but c'mon, it took just one night before it started to chip.
And before you think I've been biting and picking away, I'll correct you. I have made such an effort not to fiddle with my nails all week.
But, after daily showers, washing up, a snow ball fight and a week or uni work, not one of my nails has failed to stay completely perfect.
Seven days later and all but one has got nail varnish still one - that one being my right hand baby finger, the non-protected 'Rimmel, '60 Seconds Quick Dry' nail. That said, the protected tip on my left hand is just as bad as the others, proving that having the protecting base really does make a difference.
17 and Miss Sporty have both chipped to nearly half way down.
Rimmel, 'keep colour fresh and vibrant for up to 10 days', lived up to half it's slogan - it only lasted five days but it's still looking pretty good.
And the winner - my personal favourite - Barry M. On my left hand, my Barry M painted nail barely looks touched.
I knew you'd do me proud Barry, you always have and you always will. OK, without the base coat you didn't do quite so well but you are definitely by far a clear winner.
Left hand, after one week

 So, in order from best to worst:
#1: Barry M
#2: Rimmel, '10 days'
#3: Miss Sporty
#4: Rimmel, '60 Seconds'
#5: 17 

Oh and a protecting base layer is a necessity if you want long-lasting colour.

Right hand, after one week
And, ofcourse, the famous 'Sally Hanson, Maximum Growth' does the perfect job to cover your tips before painting them with colour.

Single or taken, why not splash a few pennies on a bottle of Barry M this February? Treat yourself with a pamper session with your best buds this V Day or make your tips look uber sexy for that special someone.
So Vick and, all the other girlies (and some boys) who wish they knew which brand would last longest, I hope I've helped.
I love and always will love: Barry M, it never lets me down!

Until next time, happy pampering.

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Note: This has been written for entertainment purposes only. This is all my own opinion, I am basing it on my own individual experiences. 


  1. Barry M are amazing, espesh at a cheap as chips price of £2.99 !! Bargain xx


  2. I agree! With all the money I've spent on pricey polishes it Barry M that are my favourite, doesn't chip for ages & their shades are great too!

    Jen xx